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The "Before"

Good bones. You hear people say old houses have them, but most old houses we renovate do not. In fact, we usually seek out the houses in the worst shape! This house however, is an exception. It does have good bones. The previous owners took fantastic care of it, making our jobs a little easier.

The original hardwood floors are in great shape for their age.

The structural components of the house are in good condition; very little rot in the floor joists (trust me, there is ALWAYS rot in the floor joists of old houses, especially in bathrooms and kitchens!) and a solid foundation.

The house is in need of some serious updating though. There is dark paneling in the kitchen, only one bathroom, and a very closed off floor plan typical of houses from the 1950s.

This diamond in the rough will get a new floor plan, an addition, and all new wiring, plumbing and finishes. I can't wait to show what we have in store!

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